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Solution In Control Of Quality By Artificial Vision

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We are a company specialized in the designing, manufacturing, and setting up of equipment intended to control the quality of production lines. Our main purpose is to constantly innovate the system of inspection through artificial vision but also the system of orientation and rejection for all kinds of containers.

With 25 years of experience in the field of technology, we have been developing the business internationally by offering adapted and efficient solutions to the needs of each project. The international presence of E2M is mainly focused on the following sectors: food packaging and beverages packaging (wines, foaming wines, sweet beverages, spirituous drinks, beers, and juices), but also in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and cosmetic industry.

Our high skilled staff is very close to our customer service and very concerned about our product enhancement. We improve the continuous relation and training between customers and employees. Moreover, we cooperate with local, independent, public and international entities in the education of young students, bringing them an additional training, not only professionally but also personally.

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