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From the beginning of the first manufacturer which manufactures Eyebrow Pencil in Thailand for 46 years of RE-X PRODUCTS CO., LTD. We have created cosmetic brands and cosmeceuticals for customers in Thailand and foreign countries. We run the quality organization with the research team and cosmetic scientists, who invent the best formula, import the best extract resources from all around the world such as Korea, Japan, USA, Switzerland, and France. As well as increase the product quality by consultation team from Government Pharmaceutical Organization and Food and Drug Administration, The Government Agency Responsible for Food and Drug Safety (FDA), moreover we receive Halal Product Certification as well.  All of this for delivery the best of the product “on your own brand” with the peak manufacturing capacity for 60 pieces per year, so customers are able to be confident on every product; clean, safety, and export standard.

8 Reasons why starting a business with RE-X PRODUCTS

  1. Top 5 Cosmetic Manufacturer in Thailand.

  2. Manufacture a variety of cosmetics products.

  3. High productivity

  4. Trusted Factory from worldwide

  5. Good Reputation and long history

  6. Benchmarking sample

  7. One-Stop Service

  8. We have Expert Brand Building Team.

Why we won?

A non-contact printing technology that enables high-speed, high-resolution printing on the label. PT Asia recommends using the HSAJET MiniKey Thermal Inkjet printer (TIJ) with SIGMA KaoCollins Solvent ink.

It is critical for cosmeceutical manufacturers to apply expiration and batch code information that can be read by the human eys as well as machine-readable to verify each code with a camera vision system. This system is designed to check that the packs are coded accurately in order to help protect human being, and also provides the ability to trace the packs throughout the product supply chain. The cosmeceutical industry has been severely affected by the trade of counterfeit. 

The company currently runs on eight-hour shift per day with production between 70 - 185 packs per minute depending on label size. However, due to a company decided to expand into the packing of more controlled cosmeceuticals, Re-X Product required a coding solution that offered more capability to increase throughput for larger an faster production runs. The company required a batch and expiration code to be applied to the label (Labeling Machine).

Recommended ink: SIGMA

  • 12 hour decap improves efficiency

  • 24-month shelf life reduces ink waste

  • Fast-curing, heatless inkjet printing

  • More substrates

About the MiniKey HSAJET Printer


The MiniKey is an out-of-the-box unit. Place an ink cartridge in the head, connect power, and print instantly by pushing a button. New layouts are easily made straight from the keyboard or loaded from a USB key or via a LAN or RS232 connection. The basic unit comes with a ½” printhead with a built-in product sensor. The MiniKey can control up to 2" print height.

The HSAJET® MiniKey is available with an integrated 1 or 2-pen printhead mounted on the side of the unit. Instead – or if the additional print height is required – the MiniKey can be delivered with remote printheads of 1 or 2 pens. Having two printheads enables double-sided printing.

Key Product Benefits

  • High resolution at the highest speeds

  • Small footprint

  • Efficient ink system

  • Improved line efficiency

  • Simple to use

  • No hidden cost