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Double seam inspector for cans and preserves up to 7 high-resolution cameras.



Double seam inspection system for canned foods - VisioCanEnd Is A High-Performance Double Seam Inspection System By Artificial Vision With Up To 7 High-Resolution Cameras (Depending On The Model And Customer Needs) For Cans And Preserved Foods.

Visiocanend Is A High-Performance Double Seam Inspection System By Artificial Vision With Up To 7 High-Resolution Cameras (Depending On The Model And Customer Needs) For Cans And Preserved Foods.

Double seam quality control system for preserved food cans with up to 7 high-resolution cameras for the inspection of all types of cans and all kinds of formats without exception: Hansa, Dingley, Club, Oval, Round, Meat…

Ensuring product quality and optimizing packaging line efficiency is made possible by E2M’s VisioCanEnd double seam inspection system.

In production processes, the phase comprising the packaging line is a key moment that, without effective quality control and double seam inspection system, can lead to significant losses.

Rejection of defective or non-production packaging is an effective solution for reducing operating costs and meeting quality standards and demands.

The VisioCanEnd double seam inspection system performs in a High frequency cans production line detecting defective containers.

VisioCanEnd for cans double seam inspection.

This innovative, VisoCanEnd double seam inspector stands out in the market for valuable features such as:

  • Level inspection in opaque containers

  • No x-rays or radioisotopes

  • High speed

  • Does not require calibration or adjustment for use

  • Automatic adjustment in seconds at startup

  • Highly resistant

  • Minimum and maximum level discrimination

  • Allows waves and foam

  • Measurement of% of the level of containers within specified ranges

VisioCanEnd double seam inspection system inspects all types of cans and all types of formats without exception:

  • Hansa

  • Dingley

  • Club

  • Oval

  • Round

  • Meat


In this system, each packaging format has associated a set of parameters that will be changed very quickly through completely intuitive configuration applications.


  • 100% image capture of the perimeter of the cans

  • The visual appearance of the seal, screen printing, and other aspects of each can produced is analyzed


  • Inspection enclosure in stainless steel, IP67

  • Automatic height adjustment

  • Up to 7 high resolution cameras

  • LED lighting system

  • Remote technical assistance and online analysis from E2M.

  • Intel next generation processor

  • Windows 10 based computer system and interface

  • Production Statistics Module

  • Rejection Verification

  • Inspection up to 600 units / min

  • 17 ”TFT touch screen for operator communication

  • Keyboard with mouse

  • USB, Ethernet


  • Easy installation on existing conveyor

  • Robust, compact, and rugged design

  • Long life and fast amortization system

  • Line inspection of all production

  • False Rejection Rate = 0

  • Intuitive use interface

  • Adjustable tolerances in any format

  • Auto Format Change

  • Parameter set and tolerances supported for each format

  • Production statistics with defect location

  • No influence of color change or screen printing thanks to the use of infrared light

  • Mechanical assembly on the existing conveyor

  • Rejection signal management


  • Peaks (until 0,1 mm.)

  • Holes and bumps

  • Deformations

  • Parallelism

  • Coding (1D, 2D, OCR, OCV)

  • Oxidation

  • Screen printing and scratches

  • False closures

Typical Inspections Of The  VISIOCANEND Cans Double Seam Inspector

Visiocanend_Reading codes and ocv.png

Reading codes and OCR

Visiocanend_Scratches in print.png

Scratches in print

Visiocanend_Extraction tongue (position,

Optional top view for coding inspection, drag tabs, dents



Visiocanend_identification of label.png

Identification of label

Visiocanend_extraction tab (position, de

extraction tab (position, defects, presence)




Holes up to 0.5 mm

Visiocanend_Patterns and logos.png

Patterns and logos



Visiocanend_Extraction tongue (position,

Extraction tongue (position, defects, presence)

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