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Operating Linx machines

We supply a comprehensive range of support documentation and technology guides with all of our products. These are designed to explain clearly how to get the best from your Linx coding and marking technology. Talk to your Our Technical Service Team for more information.

Find out more about Linx training for your operators and engineers below.

Ordering fluids or consumables

Industrial printer failure can be extremely costly on any production line, as such our customers demand exceptionally high reliability from their marking and coding technology. The quality and consistency of industrial printing inks and consumables are critical to achieving this. We provide a complete range of ink fluids and consumables to support our coding and marking equipment. To ensure continued reliability, and to maximize the performance of your Linx printer, we recommend that you always use genuine Linx supplies.

Consistency is guaranteed as every single batch of Linx ink and solvent produced is tested in a Linx inkjet printer. Generic (non-Linx) inks and solvents may not be designed, tested, and manufactured to our stringent standards and therefore quality is not assured. There may also be a risk of non-compliance with HSE legislation, and inadequate user safety information. The use of non-Linx fluids and consumables may result in the loss of the Linx warranty, and may also lead to additional costs.

The Linx range of contrasting inks for CIJ printers delivers vivid codes, in a variety of colors, across a range of substrates, including rubbers, plastics, and metals. These pigmented inks are MEK based inks and offer excellent light-fastness (for products stored or used outside), heat, and chemical splash resistance. They are used extensively in cabling and pipe extrusion, auto, and aero parts marking, electronics as well as packaging. Some Linx contrasting inks require the Spectrum variant of an inkjet printer. For a full profile of each ink, including printer compatibility, refer to the ‘Summary of the Linx range of pigmented inks’ datasheet.

To order fluids or consumables, please send us via email at

Training for your operators


We offer a range of operator training courses to support our customers - meeting the needs of production line personnel through to experienced production engineers. After our expert and professional operator training, your employees will be certified by Linx Printing Technologies to operate and maintain your marking and coding printers.

Give us your feedback or report a problem

We aim to provide the highest possible level of customer service at all times, which also applies to our service engineers. Your feedback is crucial in helping us successfully achieve this - any comments about Linx printing products and services are very important to us.

If you have a specific problem, you can tell us about it here and give us the opportunity to put things right.



Contact Technical Support

For technical advice and assistance, please contact Linx Technical Support Team.

Contact Sales

To send an e-mail via and we will be in contact shortly to help you with your inquiry.

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