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Steam Shrink Tunnel

Steam Shrink Tunnel | SS Series

  • All stainless steel

  • Steam supply is stable and adjustable

  • Extra steam disposal is convenient


1. All SUS304 stainless steel frame, elegant and compact, non-coating process, pollution-free.
2. Equipped with a large size stainless steel steam storage tank, which stores enough steam to provide stable and even steam spray, and this helps shrinking effect more perfect.
3. Dual wall design for energy saving, heat isolation, and operator protection.
4. Multiple sets of steam nozzles enable users to adjust according to the sleeve position.
5. Equipped with trapping and draining device for the evacuation of waste steam.
6. Equipped with Japanese steam pressure reducer to stabilize steam pressure.
7. Extra steam exhaust design is able to prevent steam leaking from the tunnel.

3-step heat isolation design for energy-saving and operator protection | Electric Shrink Tunnel
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