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Roll-fed Labeling Machine

Roll-fed Labeling Machine (HOP Series)

  • Specially designed for OPP label packaging

  • Labeling is precise and stable even in high-speed motion

  • Stainless steel appearance


1. Compact construction, little size with easy operation, suitable for multiple bottles production.
2. Elegant appearance made by stainless steel. Friendly operation with safety guard design.
3. Machine operation is driven by vector motor and inverter. Bottle feeding, separating, rotating and output can be adjusted simultaneously.
4. Hot-melting glue heating system is stable, and glue spreading is even and precise.
5. Rotary cutting knife cuts labels smoothly and accurately at every speed. The blades are durable and easy to change.
6. Equipped with HMI, providing easy operation.
7. A multi-motion controlling system ensures neat and even labeling.
8. The machine can adapt to diverse bottle shapes according to your requirement, a perfect solution for your product packaging.

OPP Labeling Machine table.png

*All specification and characteristics are subject to change without notice.

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