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RIBtype® is an interchangeable rubber stamp system of ribbed-back type for printing dates, codes, and other information that changes frequently.

RIBtype Type - Materials

RIBtype® rubber stamps are most commonly made from natural rubber that has a red-orange printing face and gray ribs that set it apart from other brands whose ribbed type is often made of solid gray rubber. Although natural rubber is the best choice for a majority of stamping, In certain applications, there may be a better choice. Aggressive inks, harsh environments, marking on heated materials, and other factors may make a different material more suitable for your RIBtype needs.

Listed below are the basic properties of the different rubbers and synthetic rubbers we use. Additional charges do apply for specialty rubbers. Please note that colors indicated are colors of the material we use. Not all natural rubber, PVC, silicone, etc. is made in the same colors as ours.

Red/Gray Natural Rubber

is best for general purpose use with alcohol and water-based inks. RIBtype natural rubber type has a red-orange face with gray ribs. It is available in standard 50 durometer or soft 30 durometer.

Green PVC 

is a flexible plastic material that provides greater durability in some applications. It is oil and acid resistant and is sometimes recommended for printing small text on plastic or film and for printing on abrasive surfaces such as Tyvek or brake shoes. Because PVC transfers less ink imprints may dry faster. Excellent for air/electric-powered reciprocating printers.

Black Buna 

is oil and acid resistant and is best for use with oil-based inks or when the type is exposed to petroleum products. It is available in hard 90-durometer, standard 50-duro or soft 30-duro. Hard buna works well in reciprocating air/electric powered printers. Soft buna helps in printing large, bold characters on uneven surfaces.

Black Neoprene 

is very similar to buna. It is oil and acid resistant and makes excellent imprints. It is frequently used in place of 50-durometer buna.

Black EP (EPDM) 

is excellent for use with acids, caustics, alcohol, glycol, and water based inks. It is not recommended for use with kerosene based inks. EP is available in 50 durometer and 70 durometer.


This blue-and-white (blue face/white ribs) material is used primarily with thermal ink-transfer printers and for hot stamping. It has a high heat tolerance, making it a low cost alternative to metal type. 

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