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Pneumatic Impact Rejection and Expulsion System



Pneumatic impact ejection system

The stable deviation or impact rejection system. Push moves the containers by means of a pneumatic impact mechanism.


It hits the containers that circulate through a conveyor causing its deviation towards a defective container lane, rejection table or container, using a mechanism composed of a cylinder, an electrovalve, and a shovel for the expulsion.

Stable deviation system or controlled pneumatic impact rejection located after inspection system

  • Ideal for bottles or other types of containers

  • Stainless steel and soundproof housing

Expulsion to:

  • Rejection table

  • Adjacent conveyor (Lanning System).

  • Rejection system management.

  • Management digital and analog signals of external inspection and pressure switch.

  • Signal Encoder Management

Rejection System / Divider:

  • Stainless steel case

Control unit:

  • TFT touch screen

  • ABS enclosure IP65 145 x 330 x 310 mm

  • Configuration program for memorizing parameters for formats


  • Silent system

  • Easy installation on existing conveyor

  • Compact and robust design

  • Minimum maintenance

  • Long life system and fast amortization

  • Compatible with third-party inspection systems

  • Maximum packaging weight: 8kg – 20kg (boxes)

  • High accuracy

What Does A Push Do?

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