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We offer precise and reliable solutions for hermetically sealing your containers.

Eliminate moisture and oxygen ingress  –  Extend product life  –  Retain flavour  –  Avoid tampering and leakage

Ever-increasing attention to packaging demands for regulatory compliance, design performance and production efficiency necessitates the use of consistently high-quality materials.

PT Asia supplies Enercon Induction Cap Sealer and cap sealing materials as they are manufactured in ISO 9001 and BRC/GFSI compliant facilities.

Since induction liners are sealed immediately after filling, brand owners can be assured that consumers have purchased quality product as they open the seal.

Enercon Super Seal Touch induction units ease of use along with recipe and password control, integrated cap inspection and lined control functionality -see this in operation with the Amseal cap tightener and cap inspection system).

Using PT Asia experience, along with training, maintenance and after-sales service, customers can rely on PT Asia for effective induction sealing solutions.

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