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Visual inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

Visual inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

In order to comply with international standards and quality norms, machine vision systems offer specific solutions for visual inspection in the pharmaceutical industry.

The identification and inspection of products of the pharmaceutical sector are applied in two phases:

  • The primary phase: including checking blister, syringes, vials, ampoules, both in size and shape, as well as in position, case and filling level.

  • The secondary phase: where the control of serial and datamatix codes according to ISO and GS1 standards is carried out, in cases, leaflets and packaging.

Advantages of artificial vision systems in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry is undoubtedly one of the most benefited with the advances in the development of artificial visual inspection systems.

Among other advantages, they stand out:

  • Minimization of costs associated with inactivity, labor, waste and rejections.

  • Elimination of failures in products and packaging.

  • Minimization of risks in product safety.

  • Compliance with international standards and quality standards.

  • Guarantee of integral control in traceability.

Among the various artificial vision systems for inspection, at E2M we have developed four that for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Contourvision Micro: applied to the control of labels in small non-oriented containers, since it captures 4 images of the lateral surface of the product (every 90 °) at high speed, allowing to inspect up to 500 units per minute.

  • Visio Aggregation: an aggregation system that facilitates the traceability of production by inspecting boxes up to 600 x 400 mm, with automatic adjustment to multiformats.

  • Visiotrace and Visiotrace TE: applied to complete serialization to meet the specific regulatory requirements of track and trace (tracking and location).

In addition, research, development and innovation are in the DNA of our company, with which we respond to the development of equipment completely adjusted to the needs and requirements of your business.

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