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Snack Foods | Coding, Marking and Systems Solutions

We know the unique challenges you face on your production lines | Taokaenoi snack foods.

Code print quality can be affected by cooking oils, airborne food particles and salt if you don’t have the right coding equipment. Frequent changeover, SKU variation and promotional packaging add challenges to running your lines at peak performance.

Your high quality packaging deserves a high quality code. Capturing sales on the shelf means making the most of your brand. Brand management teams obsess over packaging artwork. The last thing they want is poor quality codes that detract from the package.

A true printing partner understands the importance of great print quality and achieving your operational goals. Offering over four decades of experience in your industry, Linx has the perfect combination of technology, expertise and service options to be your coding partner of choice.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) | TT3, TT3 and TT10

A digitally controlled printhead precisely melts ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films to provide high resolution, real-time prints.

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