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See Enercon’s Newest Innovation:The Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Our newest cap sealer brings advanced features to our entry level automated production system.

Enercon induction cap sealers create hermetic seals that prevent leaks, preserve freshness and provide tamper evidence. This new sealer builds upon the Super Seal’s legendary reputation for reliability with additional features never before available.

Super Seal™ cap sealers are available in three power levels with a variety of sealing heads to optimize sealing performance for your specific applications.

Easy to use operator interface provides sealer operation and control status indicators as well as a menu driven display for advanced feature control.


  • New display simplifies setup, operation & troubleshooting

  • Advanced microprocessor control & IGBT circuitry

  • High efficiency plug-in sealing heads

  • Options for stalled containers, container back up & foil detection

  • Local/Remote modes for start/stop & power level

  • IP 65 rated for washdown

Advanced Induction Sealing Head Technology

One of the keys to efficient and reliable induction sealing is matching the right sealing head design for your cap and container configuration. Enercon engineers have developed a range of induction sealing heads to maximize the efficiency of your sealing process. Flat and tunnel sealing heads are interchangeable and our all-in-one sealing head covers operations with a wide range of cap sizes.


Foil caps should never sit idle under an active induction sealing head. Add these sensor packages to your system for additional safety:


Mechanically integrated sensors detect stalled containers & turn sealer off


Detects container backups under sealing head and turns the sealer off if backup detected

Add Quality Control to your operation with these options:


Ensures foil is present in every cap prior to sealing


Reject containers without foils from the packaging line with integrated sealer control


Alert operators of sealer operating status from a distance and consider adding an audible alarm for other alerts


Be sure your system always has backup parts. Special discounts when purchased with system.



Connect directly to your line with a floor mount or add flexibility with a mobile cart.

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