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Powerful Cap Sealing for Best Protein Sports Supplements | Enercon Cap Sealer

Best Protein is a leading Spanish company dedicated to the development and distribution of nutritional supplements for athletes. The company ensures quality control by developing, packaging, sealing and labeling all of its products at their facility in Barcelona.

Induction sealing became particularly important when the company began to expand internationally. Powdered products, such as nutritional supplements, are susceptible to losing nutritional properties if not protected against oxidation and external contaminants.

It was important to Jesús Ortega, Manager of Best Protein, to find packaging solutions that did not alter the products’ presentation while preserving its aroma and flavor integrity. As a non-contact packaging process, induction sealing was identified as a technology that could provide tamper evidence, prevent leaks and ensure product freshness and quality.

"The induction seal process is most advantageous and is worth the money, because it protects our products from contaminants and container leaks."
Jesús Ortega, Manager of Best Protein

“We were looking for a solution that would prevent moisture, oxygen and other contaminants from getting into our products and affecting product quality while in transit to our final consumer.” Induction cap sealing creates a hermetic seal which creates a barrier that protects Best Protein’s products.

Enercon Cap Sealers

“We knew we would achieve a perfect and hermetic seal with Enercon induction sealing solutions; however, we didn’t realize how versatile the equipment is. The Super Seal™ is capable of sealing different container and cap sizes, always achieving an excellent quality of seal.”

The Super Seal™ cap sealer generates an induction field which heats the foil liners placed in the caps by the cap supplier. The heat melts a polymer on the bottom of the foil which bonds to the lip of the container providing the required seal.

“The induction seal process is most advantageous and is worth the money, because it protects our products from contaminants and container leaks,” said Jesús Ortega. “With the induction sealing process, we have achieved successful national and international distribution without wasting product, as well as providing tamper evidence during transportation”.

Ortega notes that induction sealing plays an important role in supporting the brand image for sports supplements. “We pay attention to every detail in our products and its packaging. Sealing our quality ingredients with induction successfully conveys our product quality.”

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