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Parquet internal traceability | 20 Watts Macsa Fiber Laser

Parquet internal traceability

Traceability is a guarantee of control

The innovation and development of new technologies mean that more and more industries increase their levels of control and traceability of their processes in order to optimize costs and ensure the best product. The manufacturers of construction materials are not far behind, in this case, for example, the manufacturers of parquet and the guarantee of internal traceability.

In this case, parquet internal traceability is ensured by printing on the vinyl of the internal side of the parquet of a Datamatrix code with 62 alphanumeric characters.

The objective of this application is quality control by detecting errors in production. Every time the inspection systems detect a fault, a code is printed on a manufacturing line that travels at 15 meters a minute.

In order to meet speed requirements, a 20W fiber laser with 1064nm wavelength is sued. The reaction of the laser with the vinyl generates a high contrast and visible change of colour, which allows an immediate Datamatrix code reading ensuring total production control.

Technical Information

Laser: Macsa SPA F20

Lens: 100 x 100

Sector: Construction Materials

Application type: Traceability

Material: Vinyl

Marking type: Dynamic

Marking time: 15 m/min

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