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Most companies fail to capitalize on the marketing benefits of an induction seal

Most packaging professionals know induction sealing provides tamper evidence, prevents leaks and preserves product freshness.

But dones your marketing team know this? More importantly do your customers, distributors and retailers know this?

Take a look at the label pictured to the right. Dairy Farmers in Australia leverages their use of an induction seal right on the label. Their 'freshness seal' markes a bold statement to their customers and creates product differentiation.

THe cover story on Jus-Made revels that induction sealing extends their product's shelf life. Thsi benefit supply chain distributors and retailers and provides flexibility in their inventory management.

Three questions to consider:

- Could you gain a competitive edge with your supply chain if your products's shelf life was enhanced with an induction seal?

- Could you gain a competitive edge by earning shelf space with an induction seal that prevent leaks?

- Would consumers prefer your product if they knew if was sealed for their protection?


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