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Macsa ID wins contract after ‘laser v inkjet’ trial at parts supplier

Macsa ID has won a contract with parts supplier TVH after a trial where its CO2 laser marking technology outperformed inkjet printers.

The manufacturer of advanced coding and marking equipment said the three-month trial results showed better lower total cost of ownership, reduced downtime and reliability.

Macsa ID has installed 17 SPA C10 laser marking systems with beam expanders at Belgium-based global parts and accessories supplier TVH’s new logistics centre where they are applying two-dimensional (2D) codes to over 190,000 cardboard boxes per day.

TVH is a global supplier of parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment with customers in more than 170 countries.

A total of 16 Macsa SPA C10 lasers were installed across eight production lines with a spare included as part of the solution in case of any emergencies. The installation runs 24/7 and marks some 192,000 cartons per day or 1,344,000 cartons per week.

The fast and powerful Macsa SPA C10 laser utilises CO2 technology and is designed to meet the most demanding coding requirements. It is ideal for industrial and packaging manufacturers as it can be used on paper, cardboard, glass and a variety of plastics. With a range of optional features and speeds, it can be optimised for individual needs.

The Macsa SPA C10 laser model offered a number of advantages over inkjet. It does not require consumables which represented a potential saving of 140,000,000 labels per year.

Additionally, Macsa ID said there are no stoppages on the production line due to label roll replacements or more unplanned production stoppages or losses.

A spokesperson for TVH said: “We made a total cost of ownership calculation and it became clear that the laser was the best solution.

“The choice of Macsa’s laser was made because when using labels we had a lot of stoppages on the line to change labels and the position was not always accurate. The inkjet printer gave problems with print quality due to ink drying out of the nozzles. With the Macsa lasers, we have no more production losses or stops.”

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