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Laser marking through cellophane for personal care industry

The cosmetics market is always in constant growth, it is one of the most striking and spectacular in terms of "packaging" is concerned, and it is for this reason that laser marking has to accompany it, providing both functionality and the appropriate enhancement for each.

In today's Applications News we will show you laser marking through the cellophane that surrounds the product's cardboard box. To do this, the Macsa id F-9020 fiber-type laser with 20W power and a standard 100x100mm lens was used in order to take advantage of the characteristic of marking through transparent surfaces without damaging them.

As can be seen in the image, the product has a reserved area in which, using the laser, the first layer is specifically removed to achieve high-contrast marking, all this is done without damaging the cellophane or generating fumes (which would be trapped inside the packaged product.

Technical data

Laser: Macsa ID F-9020

Power: 20W

Lens: 100x100mm

Market: Personal care

Type of application: Marking

Product: Moisturizing hair mask

Material: Cardboard

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