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Laser marking on a wet eggshell | Pasteurised Fresh Shell Eggs

Laser marking on a wet eggshell by Masca Lasers K1030 HPD UHS

N&N is a production and commercialitzation company which produces pasteurized eggs. Their challenge to Macsa ID was to implant a marking system capable of accomplish three goals:

  • Print on a high speed application its brand logotype on a fragile and delicated eggshell.

  • Use an automatic system to reduce the time dedicated to marking and the number of necessary employees.

  • Get a high quality printing, clear-cut and accurate results on a still wet eggshell.

To achieve these challenge, Macsa ID installed three lasers K1030 HPD UHS in the N&N Agriculture production chain. Due to that, they could print 30 eggs on the same tray at high speed – therefore significantly reducing production time.

Compared to ink injection Systems, lasers are more precised which permites to draw a more complex logotype with a uniform quality on the egg surface.

As the marking process could be automated, they could reduce the number of employees working in the production line. (Previously the job has been done manually).

The staff could be decreased from 10 to 3 people and the productivity increased by 40%. Thanks to Macsa ID’s experience and innovation capacity, the solution achieved with all the requirements and could also reduce the use of consumables, inks and solvents, with the consequent environmental and health benefits for people.

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