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Laser marking directly onto bread

Direct laser marking is increasingly present in the world of food. One of the keys to achieving sustainability lies in the elimination of unnecessary packaging and labels that can not be recycled. Marking directly onto food with laser technology saves packaging costs, prevents the generation of consumable waste and does not impact the environment negatively as sustainable technology is used.

Laser coding directly onto food allows for bulk or individual selling without losing traceability. The brand remains identifiable, a particularly useful feature for those who opted for a corporate label before.

In this application, we can see how the SPA CB30 PLUS by Macsa ID laser achieves a high definition marking on this bread surface. This marking is done without direct contact with the product, therefore preserving the quality and all of the properties of the food itself. Despite their hard yet thin form, breadsticks and crackers remain intact during the marking process. The CO2 laser creates a groove in the food’s surface that highlights the marking.

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