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Laser marking and labelling system by Macsa

History of the company

Located in Andalusia, the cooperative Granada La Palma is a reference in the production and marketing of cherry tomatoes and speciality mini-vegetables in Europe. With a total of seven plants dedicated to the reception, handling and packaging of produce, Granada La Palma exports 90% of its production mainly to Central European markets.

The Challege

Granada La Palma wanted to implement a system to manage the traceability of its entire production chain. The equipment installed had to be capable of transferring the information to the products the company works with.

Macsa id Solution

The solution implemented by Macsa consists of:

Label printing and application system. Two 4-inch idBblock equipment are installed on a production line to identify products and keep track of traceability (producer, parcel, etc.) Two boxes are labelled at the same time, as they are placed one on top of the other, and are double-height applicators. Working dynamically, the customer prints barcodes, texts and numbers on 100x80 labels at a speed of 30 boxes/minute.

Application of labels on case erectors (6 pcs). By labelling boxes with barcodes, the product is identified on the line. By static marking, the customer prints barcodes on 1100x80 labels at a speed of 30 cartons / minute.

Laser marking on PET tubs filled with cherry products to mark traceability data.

Working dynamically, the customer marks 20 characters of 15 mm consisting of numbers and text.

The tubs of cherry tomatoes are placed in crates that pass through the production lines. These boxes must be labelled with product traceability labels (identification of the farmers who served the tomatoes and the parcel of origin).

The boxes are labelled on box formers to:

  • Identify the product.

  • Barcode readers located on the lines identify the product, and the product goes to one or another palletiser.

The tomatoes go through the PET tub fillers and start to circulate through the lines. In the circulation process, the laser marks a traceability number on the tubs so that the end consumer can see it in case of a problem and thus be able to make a complaint to the company.

After marking, the tubs are put into boxes which, in turn, form pallets that go to the customers of Granada la Palma.

Thanks to the system implemented by Macsa id, the client achieves total traceability of production.

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