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Laser Coding for Cans

For many years, the most common technique to add variable information, such as date and lot codes, serialization codes, to metal cans has been continuous inkjet printing.

More recently, developments in fiber laser coding technology have allowed this modern, clean markings technique to be used for a wide range of application, including coding on steel and aluminum cans.

Macsa SPA-F laser system is the perfect device for many of these applications.

While CO2 lasers are the most common for packaging applications, fiber lasers have characteristics that make them a good solution for printing on many types of packaging materials, including cans and some plastics, films and foils.

The Macsa fiber laser produces a high-quality permanent mark that needs no consumables and requires minimal maintenance – reducing operating costs and improving equipment OEE.

Macsa has the most comprehensive line-up of fiber lasers for packaging applications – power output choices of 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 Watts mean that it is possible to select the optimum laser solution for any packaging line.

Some of the advantages of these systems include:

Coding at High Speeds:Up to 91,000 cans per hour. (50W or 100W laser required)

Zero Consumables:No inks to manage and store. No environmental issues with solvents.

High-Quality Permanent Marking:Guaranteed legibility, traceability and security.

Designed for Demanding Environments:Operates in ambient temperatures from 41°F to 104°F.

High IP Rating:Controller cabinet IP55 (Optional IP65), Laser head IP65.

Minimal Maintenance:Only maintenance is lens & filter cleaning. Reduces operating costs and improves equipment OEE.

Long Lifetime Laser Source:100,000 hours MTBF to ensure uninterrupted production.

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