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Induction Sealing for Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceutical Tamper-Proof Bottles

Demand for Nutraceuticals is on the rise & packaging is playing a key role. Caps & induction liners ensure product integrity, safety, & freshness in consumer friendly packaging. With so many different Nutraceutical packaging options & product configurations, packagers often need guidance in implementing the most reliable & cost effective technologies.

In many cases in the pharmaceutical industry, CR (child-resistant) caps are chosen as mandate and require a tunnel coil vs. a Universal Coil. Enercon’ Induction Sealers provide both tamper evidence and child resistant packaging solutions for bottled products, meaning pharmaceutical manufacturers can remain compliant with relevant packaging law.

Enercon has taken this security to the next level by incorporating state-of-the-art induction sealing verification options. This proven technology will significantly increase the guarantee of sending out a securely sealed product every time, giving you peace of mind baout your pharmaceutical products.

Security, tamper evidence, product protection and consumer trust. It’s your call.

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