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Empty bottle inspection system - EBiVision

Ensuring Product Quality And Optimizing Efficiency On The Packaging Line Is Possible Thanks To E2M’s Ebivision (Empty Bottle Vision) Inspection System. In production processes, the phase that comprises the packaging line constitutes a key moment that, without effective quality control and separation systems, can lead to significant losses.

The rejection of defective or non-production packaging represents an effective solution when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting quality standards and requirements. The Ebivision Empty Bottle Inspection System Allows To Inspect Returnable Bottles After The Washing Process And Before Filling.

EBIvision is a complete low cost artificial vision inspection system to ensure 100% quality of production.

It allows inspecting returnable bottles after the washing process and before filling, as well as new bottles before the filling process.

This innovative inspection system stands out in the market for valuable features such as: Meets and exceeds all required safety standards in the industry. It incorporates a pressure switch to warn of the lack of compressed air. It does not require maintenance, does not need greasing. Electronics and inspection and control programs. Inspection room with lighting system and cameras with IP 65 degree of protection. Linear supports and guides with digital position indicator for quick format change. The Ebivision inspection system, together with the Push rejection systems, bring agility to the production guaranteeing the highest quality.


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