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Datamatrix code by Macsa Laser

One of the keys to controlling the evolution of COVID-19 and combating its spread is performing diagnostic tests and tracking infections. In the case of diagnostic tests, in addition to the well-known PCR tests, antigen tests are a very useful tool for rapid detection and prevention screening. These tests, which are performed by analysing a drop of blood and with a result in a matter of minutes, require complete and secure traceability, so appropriate coding systems must be considered to ensure a reliable detection and tracking system.

In this sense, Macsa id offers complete solutions for both traceability and serialization, through Integra 4.0, as well as marking through its range of F Series and D Series lasers systems.

The application that we present corresponds to the coding of tests made of ABS material. By using a DPSS equipment with a wavelength of 1064 nm at low frequency, we can mark the material with high contrast and definition.

The marking of this application, made with a NANO D-6006, it corresponds with a Datamatrix code of 10x10 millimetre carried out in a time of 1.85 seconds. The result is a permanent high contrast that offers an immediate reading of the code, which ensures the traceability of any component throughout the entire service chain in a fast and safe way.

Laser: NANO D-6006

Lens: 100x100mm

Market: medical devices

Application type: coding

Product: rapid Antigens test

Material: acrilonitrilo butadieno estireno (ABS)

Marking type: static

Marking Time: 1.85 seconds

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