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Continuous Inkjet printer LINX 8920 | Date Printer

TheLinx8920 CIJ printer has all the benefits of theLinx8900 printer and more to make your coding life easier. Code more information and on faster lines with theLinx8920.

Code creation is already made easy with the large touch screen interface, and downtime is reduced with the self-servicing module, unique system monitoring and click-into-place fluid cartridges.

Easier to use for quick code setup and operation

  • 50 named lines – set up codes for each of your products, and give them tailored names – for quick retrieval at product changeovers; and for companies with multiple product lines such as contract packers. Transferable between printers with a USB flash drive

  • Daylight saving feature – automatically applies daylight saving times according to your own region

  • Advanced sequential number and text ranges – you decide the range of numbers

  • Multiple triggering options for print changes – for more automated operation and less operator interventions, for example resetting and incrementing sequential numbers and text in codes with external triggers

  • Tool-less fluid refills – simple click in place cartridges – no mess no fuss

  • Touch open/close refill doors

  • Self-servicing with the Easi-Change® Service Module which can be changed in minutes with no Service Engineer visit required


  • Extended service intervals up to 18,000hrs/24 months – code for longer

  • Advanced System Monitoring – internal monitoring avoids unexpected problems that could lead to unscheduled stoppages – reliable coding for longer

  • IP55 rating for water jet washdown protection

  • Printhead cleaning only every 3 months

  • Robust Linx printhead and Autoflush feature ensures clean startups first time, every time

Grow your business with more printing capabilities

  • Faster line speed as standard – up to 6.25m/s

  • Up to five lines of code – dual language coding, ideal for export markets where codes are required in local languages; contract packing

  • Data Matrix and QR code printing

  • Carton coding option up to 20mm high print

  • Real-time output on screen – meet your OEE targets with the printer screensaver ‘On/Off target’; identify patterns in overall line downtime with the output/downtime reporting feature, and improve your efficiencies

Key Benefits

  • Flexible coder with 5-line coding, Data Matrix and QR code printing capability

  • High line speed up to 6.25m/s as standard

  • 50 named line settings for error-free code settings selection

  • Extended service intervals up to 18,000hrs/24 months

  • Unique system monitoring helps avoid unscheduled stoppages

  • Large colour touch-screen for quick and simple code setup

  • Simple self-service and quick-change fluid cartridges

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