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Coding in household care packaging by Masca ID

Manufacturers of home care products (including detergents, cleaners and air fresheners) are required to code their products’ packaging in accordance with national legislation of each country the product is sold in, and this usually includes a batch number and the expiry date.

High quality coding ensures product traceability which is not only mandatory to guarantee consumer safety, but it also helps the brand protect itself from counterfeiting.

Macsa ID provides solutions for high quality marking and coding on plastics, cardboard and glass in the household care industry. Our systems are sensitive to the fact that this industry uses containers often filled with liquids and substances that can be extremely hazardous to both health and to the marking equipment itself. Safety in the marking process is, therefore, a top priority. Macsa ID lasers provide the correct IP protection for hostile environments which helps prevent possible damage to the laser and its lenses.

Macsa ID boasts a wide range of laser, inkjet and print & apply labelling solutions to achieve coding that best suits your product and work environment. Our equipment even allows the packaging of delicate products, such as solvents, to be marked and coded, without any risk of damage to the packaging.

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