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ARMOR ribbons for textile label printing | Care Label

Textile labelling

Textile labels are subjected to very high levels of duress throughout the life cycle of the products to which they are attached: clothing, household linen and certain automotive equipment.

Labels made of textile materials contain important information for the care of the products to which they are sewn or adhered and sometimes also for the purposes of identification and traceability. Whether for manufacture, marketing or the end user, such data must remain perfectly legible.

Textile label printing constraints

Printing for textile labels requires special inks which guarantee that the printed information is able to resist all the vagaries of the product life cycle: washing (water, detergents, softeners, abrasion), drying (high temperature, abrasion), ironing (high temperature, humidity, abrasion), dry cleaning, etc.

ARMOR ribbons for textile label printing

Thermal Transfer technology is one of the most commonly used for printing textile labels: certain Thermal Transfer printers and inked ribbons have been specially developed to meet these requirements. ARMOR Resin ribbons (AXR® ribbons) offer an excellent print sharpness for the printing of all composition symbols and small characters; a great compatibility with most nylons, cottons, acetates and polyesters; and high levels of resistance to drying, abrasion and domestic and industrial washing technologies.

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