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Airzero Nozzle Vacuum Sealer for Optical Products 'Lens'

AZ-450E Nozzle Type Vacuum Packaging Machine with Nylon Vacuum Back is showing that Optical Products such as Lens are Packaging for the safety storage.

For the first time in the nation, Airzero chose the Nozzle Type Pneumatic Vacuum Packaging system with a compact and a light weight slim design reflected to customer satisfaction creating the maximum movability of the machine for a better specious use of an area or less taking up the room in a such a small, narrow and confined area.

The retractable Nozzle lying position in the machine makes a repetitive motion as not only sucking the air and also blowing the Gas into the Bag to get this machine make a various several actions in Vacuum & Sealing process done by one single machine.

An angle adjustable Tray is provided to make it easier for the use of any types of Bags and The Stand Type Vacuum Packaging Machine has many benefits of being used in an easy transportation for a heavy weighted or big sized Vacuum Packaging products.

Application : Optical products, Foods, Electronic components, Lab, Electrode, Medical ,Clothes, etc.

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