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Agrochemical manufacturer facilitates international shipping with the use of induction cap sealing

Agrochemical manufacturer facilitates international shipping with the use of induction cap sealing

Floratine, a manufacturer of soil and turf products, was searching for a way to ensure safe and secure transport of its products, to avoid any further customer complaints due to damaged containers and leaking products. The company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced induction cap sealing to its production line, as a way of applying hermetic seals to its containers.

An agrochemical manufacturer has helped to prevent customer complaints by moving to induction cap sealing.

Floratine, a manufacturer of soil, turf and speciality products, needed to prevent its containers from getting damaged and leaking during the transportation process.

Its products – which are used to treat golf courses and sport turf – contain organic components that release gas and can affect the shape of the containers in warm or cold temperatures, leading to leaks.

Darryl King, Director of Operations for Floratine, said: “Packaging the containers became tedious. We were tightening all the caps using a hand held pneumatic capper and if we didn’t get the cap tightened just right, it resulted in a phone call from an unhappy customer with a leaky container or bloated jugs.”

The company contacted Enercon Industries for a trial after learning that induction cap sealing and a vented foil could increase a container’s resistance to temperature variations and facilitate shipping.

Speaking about the sealing trial, Mr King said: “The true test was when one of my co-workers took off the cap and stood on the bottle with only the sealed liner holding the product, and it didn’t burst.”

The company now uses Enercon’s unique “All-in-One” sealing head with their Super Seal™ induction cap sealer, allowing them to use the equipment on various production lines, without having to change the sealing head.

“Customer complaints are nearly eliminated and 99% of our problems were solved with the induction sealer – it was a godsend,” said Mr King.

“You can’t put a price tag on dependability,” he added.

To find out more about Floratine, click here, or to find out more about induction cap sealing and its benefits, click here.

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