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Add a new Linx 8900 printer to your line.

Add a new Linx 8900 printer to your line and we’ll connect your new Linx 8900 printer to Linx PrinterNet free for a year.

Meet production challenges – changes in demand, social distancing and stay connected to your line. Choose a printer that delivers reliable, continual operation.

Switch to a Linx 8900 Series CIJ printer with PrinterNet today.

Optimise your productivity when higher output rates are needed

  • The Linx 8900 Series prints at high speeds to keep up with increased levels of production

  • Reduce line stoppages and less printer monitoring with the Linx 8900 printer’s 12-hour fluid reserve

  • Quick set up for different products and on different production lines

Keep production running in today’s working environment

The Linx 8900 Series printers can be operated while wearing gloves and after using hand sanitiser. Ingress protection, stainless steel enclosures and alcohol resistant screens make sure that increased exposure to alcohol wash and cleaners will not damage your printer

Fewer fluid refills, less cleaning and longer service intervals mean reduced printer touches and interventions.

Always connected to your coding

  • Linx PrinterNet enables your team to have remote access and control of your printers from a phone, desk or tablet – no need to touch the printer screen or walk the line.

  • Increase uptime with real-time email notifications and fluid alerts to react quicker to issues that may halt production.

  • Our engineers can connect to your printers to deliver a fast, remote fault resolution

Meet current and future productivity challenges with a Linx 8900 Series printer connected to Linx PrinterNet - get in touch today

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