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Ponmaree is 40 years in the bakery business, Ponmaree started out as a small shop at Tha Din Daeng Market District with love and intent Making us recognized both for quality and the taste that suits you. Throughout the years we accumulate experience in our proprietary manufacturing process from ․․․ generation to generation.  We still care about selecting only good quality ingredients and creating bakery products. With a variety Fill the deliciousness you like.

Pornmaree has opened many branches. To make it easier for you to enjoy our bakery focus on maintaining the quality to maintain the deliciousness without adding new baking preservatives from the oven to your hand, we also have distributors distributed at various points. Both in Bangkok and its vicinity for convenience for customers you can find Ponmaree's bakery near you.

Key Product Benefits

Linx 7900 CIJ Printer

  • Simple operation with touch screen

  • One-touch cartridge refills

  • Self-service

  • Real-time output measurement

  • Primary and secondary coding in one printer

Why we won

The customer needed a new coder that would be flexible enough to code reliably onto plastic packaging and bags. They wanted a printer that was easy to use as quick setup and moving printers between lines are essential to their operation.

The Linx 7900 printer using Linx Black general-purpose ink 1014 prints durable codes onto both plastic tray and plastic bag so was the ideal versatile solution for the customer. The large, icon-driven touch screen also makes code setup quick. 

Choosing the lease option gives the customer known fixed costs over five years and includes the printer rental, service, breakdown, and extended warranty. Plus the longer service intervals (once every 18 months) give the customer additional savings. 

About Linx 7900 Printer

Spend more time coding and increasing your output with a Linx 7900 CIJ printer – the easiest to use Linx printer on the market.

Improve productivity and keep in control of your printer with Linx PrinterNet, remote connectivity enabling you to monitor and control your printer anywhere, anytime.