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How To Improve Profitability In Snack Foods Production With Better Coding Technology

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry requires packaging coding which is clear and legible both for traceability, and to meet legislative demands. Secondary packaging such as corrugated outer boxes protect the fragile nature of snacks and will require coded messaging such as batch numbers, barcodes, and expiry date information. Problems occur when coding such as this is not legible and does not meet the standards set by legislation. Illegible codes will be rejected by customers, possibly result in fines, product recalls, and consequently, costly reworks.

Coding Which Is Compliant With New Legislation

Implementation of EU country of origin labelling regulations came into force Dec 2014 with the aim of ensuring product coding is present, clear, and legible on food packaging, in turn making it easier to track the path of a product.

"This Regulation will both serve the interests of the internal market by simplifying the law, ensuring legal certainty and reducing administrative burden, and benefit citizens by requiring clear, comprehensible and legible labelling of foods."- EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation

As a result of this new legislation less space is left on primary packaging for promotion. This has meant there is an increased need for branding messages on Retail Ready Packaging (RRP).

RRP also requires efficient and reliable coding, so products can be traced and scanned, and there is added reassurance for the retailer. Having a coder which can print both branding messages, and those for traceability is an ideal solution, and will give you more flexibility of operation.

Legible Code You Can Rely On

Linx coders offer reliable coding every time! Our IJ355/IJ375 Large Character Coders print crisp, high definition graphics thanks to their ReFRESH® system which removes dust from the printhead, which means codes are consistently clear and legible.

For the snack food industry where the reliability of coders is paramount, often in tough working environments, Linx coders' robust printheads produce consistently high-quality codes even when being knocked, or when operating in dusty environments.

Traceability And Product Recall

With coding machines you can rely on to print legible codes every time you can be sure that your snack foods packaging offers manufacturer traceability. Product recalls can be costly in terms of reworks, and even incurring fines; so ensuring your messages are printed clear every time will eliminate the risk of illegible codes being the cause of recall.

Improving Profitability

Coders which are too complicated to use the result in excess costs, with extra time being needed to set up between batch runs. The more time spent setting up a coder for printing on a new product, the more downtime, and therefore less profitability.

Linx coders are easy to set up, so the risk of downtime is minimized, and the risk of costly defects due to human error is avoided. Linx coders’ easy-to-use interfaces mean fewer errors are made, and on-screen prompts improve efficiency and make message creation and editing simple.

Ensure your product traceability meets legislation with legible, reliable codes. The added benefits then include reduced costs and improved profitability. To find out more about how our easy-to-use coders can help your business meet EU labelling regulations, whilst also saving you time and money.

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