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Why Induction Seal Food Products

Shelf-life extension, leak prevention, and tamper evidence are among the many benefits that make induction heat sealing a popular choice for those in the food industry.


Induction sealing is known throughout the food industry for providing manufacturers and packers with an easy, fast, eco-friendly, and cost-effective sealing solution.

here is a wait for the coder to ‘warm-up’ – meaning that valuable coding time is lost through the setup.

This is why some of the biggest brands and industry specialists rely on induction sealing. A foil seal will act as a barrier to ensure flavors and freshness are locked in, while germs and pollutants are kept out.

This means that when your end-user gets the product, it is just as fresh as the day you sealed it.

Induction technology is able to provide a strong and reliable seal for all kinds of food products, from various sauces and syrups to pickles and powders. If you are unsure if your product is suitable for induction heat sealing.

Induction Cap Sealing Systems - Cap Sealing Machines

The induction sealing technology is a sector in the full expansion where Enercon has emerged as a leading company. In a growing market where the producers are concerned to protect their products from illicit opening guaranteeing the consumer of the product integrity, we have succeeded in giving a practical and efficient answer to their requirements, to all sectors in the industry of packaging: food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, agrochemical, and petrol.

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