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Super Seal extends shelf life and seals Exoticfood, Thailand divers chilli sauce.

A contract packager’s best asset is a versatile packaging equipment. Innovative packages such as Delmax’s line of food and sauce will put any line to the test. So it is important to rely on equipment experts that guide your operation to the best solutions on the market. 

Exotic Food manufactures a wide range of cooking paste, herbs & spice, dipping & cooking marinade, and salad dressing under their own labels as well as contracted products. Product line growth for chilli sauce products required a versatile new line. In addition to providing tamper evidence, induction sealing extends the product's shelf life. "That can be a great help and we can stock more inventory.

The customer says the Enercon sealer enables the company to handle a wide range of bottle volumes and neck diameters. Enercon Sealer has different sealing heads available, which has allowed Exotics to increase flexibility and the number of customers. 

Exotic Food seals 38mm cap diameters with deep tunnel induction coil with 120 bottles/min. Only the Super Seal is capable of delivering the sealing power, speed, and flexibility required.

According to Enercon Deep Tunnel sealing heads produce a more effective seal by running the electromagnetic field vertically as well as horizontally. The sealer is air-cooled, requiring little maintenance, and its plug-in sealing head design makes changing heads quick and easy.

Moreover, we provide the Automatic Online Bottle Seal Integrity Inspection machine 'TheSealCheck'. It is an inspection of sealed bottles in the food industry. Accuracy, speed, and proper accountability are achieved, owing to its simplified, user-friendly features.

Enercon Cap Sealing:


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