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Does Cost-Effective Dairy Coding Have An Effect On Production?

The dairy industry has been subject to a number of different trends affecting production, processing, and packaging in recent years. The dairy packaging industry is under increasing pressure from consumers and others in the market to conform to many of these trends, something that could have an effect on other parts of the sector.

Trends in the dairy industry
Mintel, the global market research body, outlined the top global trends affecting the sector recently – namely, portion control and the nutritional needs of older consumers. Therefore when investing in product development, they see companies giving a great deal of attention to addressing the size and format of packaging; making it both more accessible and healthy for consumers.


This will almost certainly have an effect on those in the packaging sector, who have to deliver the necessary codes on smaller and lighter packaging materials. Therefore growth of HDPE to the detriment of glass and the introduction of flexible packaging could catch packers unaware if they do not have the coding technology to deliver the necessary marks on products made from these substrates.

Dairy coding and increased production

With an increasing level of production across the world, the speed and volume at which packers are required to work have also been put under pressure. However, there is likely to be a reciprocal effect on the producer.

With the increasing number of considerations that packers have to meet, they will be relying on effective coding and marking technology to maintain their margins. Could savings made here be passed on to those in the dairy production business? If so, more cost-effective coding and marking could have a real effect on those producing the milk.


With many smaller dairies seeing themselves at risk of so-called ‘mega-dairies’ in recent years, savings on product coding could help in maintaining their margins against such stiff competition. Especially if they are a small producer that is coding their own products, or even diversifying into other dairy-based products.

Applying codes with up-to-date coding technology, such as CIJ (Small Character Ink Jet) or laser coders, could help those in the packaging industry to combat any issues that may arise as a result of the trends in the industry. When packaging changes to meet these trends, it is essential that producers and packers alike have the capability to code on a range of different products whatever their size, shape, or material.

Producers and packers alike need to maintain their margins in an ever more competitive industry. Modern coding and marking technology offers a range of avenues to those looking to control costs and deliver more for a demanding industry.


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