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Cap inspection and foil detection systems boost productivity

Enercon Induction sealers have earned a great reputation for offering tamper evidence, preserving freshness, and also preventing leaks. Because sealers are simple to operate and easy to install, packagers sometimes forget the importance of cap inspection and foil detection. If the foil isn't present the bottle can not be sealed. If the cap isn't seated properly the bottle will not be sealed.

Our Motion/Foil Group, as its name indicates, detects the presence of foil and also detects any bottle that backs up downstream. If bottles do back up, an indicator lamp is lit and the power supply is shut down.

Our Cap Inspection package adds several important features. A stalled bottle detector detects when a bottle fails to exit the sealing head within a preset time. High and coked caps are also detected. When detection occurs, an indicator lamp is lit and a signal is available either to activate a container rejection system or shut down the power supply.

Additional features include automatic start and stop and counters for total containers and rejected containers.

To complete your inspection system Enercon offers the e-jector container rejection system. It is seamlessly integrated to reject faulty containers from your line.

Inspection systems can be purchased with a new system or added in the field. These systems are a worthy investment to ensure you are effectively scaling containers.

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