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Getting Here


NEO  With the company’s mission to provide consumer goods with quality in modern and convenient packaging at an affordable price, NEO Corporate was founded in 1989 under the name Bio Consumer Co., Ltd. Started with "Eversense" brand, NEO Corporate introduced women’s colognes, deodorants and roll-ons to the market. In a short time, Eversense received good feedback and became No.1 brand for teenaged girls.

To support the surging annual sales growth that is higher than the market average, NEO Factory invested around 2 billion baht in a new manufacturing base of 188 rais (approx. 300K sq.m.). The factory’s office design is inspired by a honeycomb shape to represents NEO team’s collaboration, spirit, unity and teamwork.

The seamless hexagonal honeycomb structure symbolized our strong will to strive for success together. The design also matches with the idea of Modern Lifestyle Office, spacious and comfortable landscape to create good working environment. 

Our brand

  • Fineline

  • D-nee

  • BeNice

  • Tros

  • Eversence

  • ViVite

  • Smart

  • Tomi

"Fineline for every fashion“. Since fashion reflects your identity, Fineline that supports every fashion goes beyond fabric care brand to identity care.

Fineline offers products with true understanding and intention to inspire everyone to dare express their own style using liquid detergent, softener and fabric starch. All are guaranteed by international standards and constant development to deliver quality products at affordable price for all fashion styles.

Fineline Detergent is No.2 in liquid detergent market. The products are outstanding with clean washing power, easy stain removal with long-lasting fragrance.

Fabric Softener, the most popular and best-selling product of Fineline, instill a gentle fragrance into every fabric fiber.

Fabric Starch, Speed Starch and Smooth Starch for steam iron help smooth out fabric, make it easy to iron with long-lasting fragrance and odor-free. Guaranteed with No.1 sales for 10 consecutive years.

NEO Takes a Leap Towards Sustainable and Efficient Production with Macsa ID’s CO2 Laser Technology

It sounds like NEO is making a strategic move by considering the replacement of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers with 30 Watts CO2 Laser technology by Macsa ID due to the high printing costs, environmental concerns, and frequent maintenance cycles associated with CIJ printers.

CO2 lasers are indeed renowned for their precision, efficiency, and relatively low maintenance compared to traditional printing methods. They can provide clean, permanent marking on various materials without the need for consumables, which can be a significant cost and environmental saving.

In our relentless pursuit to enhance production efficiency while adhering to our commitment towards environmental sustainability, NEO is thrilled to announce a pivotal transition in our manufacturing technology.


Recognizing the challenges posed by the existing CIJ printers - including high operational costs, environmental concerns, and frequent maintenance needs - we have decided to invest in Macsa ID’s 30 Watts CO2 Laser technology. This strategic move not only aligns with our mission to provide quality consumer goods in a modern, convenient, and affordable manner but also underscores our dedication to implementing sustainable practices in our operations.

Benefits Highlight:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Significant reduction in printing costs.

  • Environmental Impact: Cleaner and more eco-friendly production environment.

  • Reduced Downtime: Minimized maintenance cycles, ensuring uninterrupted production.

  • Precision and Quality: Enhanced coding and marking quality on our products.

NEO is excited about this technological advancement and is eager to witness the positive impacts it will usher in our production processes and, by extension, our products. We remain steadfast in our mission to continually adopt technologies and practices that echo our dedication to quality, affordability, and sustainability.

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