Lasers to mark numerous materials.

macsa laser marking solutions



All in one laser designed for ease of integration.

A short pulse width is ideal for coating ablation and marking delicate substrates.

Cost-effective laser marking solution.

Dual processor architecture for fast cycle times.

NANO is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: YVO4 active medium. The NANO series delivers a high-quality beam that is used for precision marking of delicate substrates.

Also, NANO lasers are can be integrated and used our Macsa iLaserBox 450 standalone workstations.

use ink, meaning that you cut costs by not using consumables.



  • Quality coding on a wide range of metallic and plastic materials.

  • Easy integration into any production line with good performance.

Compact and ready for integration

  • Compact and economical lasers.

  • On board digital I/O and TCP/IP communication protocols.

Accessible in price and maintenance

  • High-performance equipment at an affordable price.

  • Reduces maintenance costs compared with other coding technologies.