macsa laser marking solutions

D-5000 DUO UV Series

The D-5000 UV 5 is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: yV04 active medium.

  • Solid state Nd: YV04 laser λ = 355nm.

  • Wide range of materials – Thermo-formed and exotic plastics.

  • Water-cooled.

  • Single-phase power input.

  • Easily integrated into an automated production line or the iLaserBox range of workstations.


Dual Processor

  • Dual Processor Technology Lasers by Macsa ID allows high precision marks to be produced even with variable data with no loss of performance. This technology dedicates one processor to data processing and the other to controlling the laser.


  • Laser available with a power of 5W and cooled by water.


High Accuracy

  • DPSS laser specially designed to make high precision markings on special plastics.