macsa laser marking solutions



MOPA technology allows the shape and duration of the waveform to be controlled and selected by the user in order to optimize the conditions for high precision marking and micro machining applications.

• Shorter pulse widths are ideal for marking delicate substrates such as plastics or thin materials. An extended frequency range enables higher repetition rates with shorter pulse widths to be used which leads to higher productivity.

• Longer pulse widths are ideal for deep engraving and other bulk material removal applications.

The key to high precision marking applications is precise thermal management and with 8 selectable and programmmable pulse withds. F-9000 DUO MOPA laser is the perfect tool for those demanding, high value add applications.



  • The Macsa ID Mopa F-9000 Series laser is available in 20W and 50W.

Adapted to your needs

  • The adjustable pulse width offers up to 8 different pulses which are adapted to the most optimal type of marking for your application

High accuracy

  • Control, by the user, of the shape and pulse width adaptable to the needs of each marking and coding.