macsa laser marking solutions

D-5000 DUO GREEN Series

The gLASER series is a DPSS Laser system, based on a Nd: yV04 active medium. gLASER series deliveries a high beam performance at a wave length of 532nm.

  • D DUO Green lasers are a short pulse, high peak power lasers.

  • Ideal for marking plastics with minimal thermal impact.

  • Air-cooled.

  • Single-phase power input.

  • Available as PS model with shorter pulse withstand higher peak power.

  • Easily integrated into an automated production line or the iLaserBox range of workstations.



  • Laser available in 5W, 10W and 1.5W designed to work in dynamic production lines or coupled in the iLaserbox workstations for static marking.

High accuracy

  • Ideal for high precision markings. The short pulse width and high power allow marking without thermally penetrating the material.



  • It allows easy integration in both the production lines and the iLaserbox workstations. The interface of the touch screen also allows easy use and a quick adaptation to the operator.