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Machine vision and its industrial applications

Machine vision is a discipline that has many applications in the industry through specially designed systems.

The ability to acquire, process, and analyze images of the environment to produce useful information is what defines machine vision as a discipline.

However, it is the systems created with the purpose of solving specific situations that transform this concept into an effective technology, especially in the automation of industrial processes.

Types of machine vision systems

Depending on the technology used to capture, process, analyze and execute an action, machine vision systems can be classified into four types:

  • Vision sensors: offer more precision than photoelectric sensors and failure results.

  • Smart Cameras: provides better resolution, computing power that allows for embedding in small spaces, although they require a processor, input, and output mechanisms.

  • Integrated vision systems: These are integrated within the automation elements, allowing the connection of multiple remote viewing heads in a single element of the process.

  • Advanced vision systems: they have more hardware, software, and processes, making them extremely complex applications to integrate into machines or original equipment.

At E2M, we offer a consulting service specializing in the design, installation, and manufacture of quality control equipment adapted to the needs of the market.

Innovation in the field of machine vision systems online production inspection has been our activity for more than 25 years, we provide tailor-made equipment for different sectors:

  • Food and beverages: quality control of products and primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

  • Logistics: inspection equipment for packaging control and traceability.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: equipment for quality control, product inspection, serialization, traceability, aggregation, and packaging.

E2M team members have extensive experience and qualifications to reach all customer needs and develop a strategy for the application of machine vision systems tailored to their requirements.

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