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Laser marking on polyamide | Automotive Industry

Macsa ID laser equipment is used to encode and mark products of a wide variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastics (PET, PVC, HDPE), glass, metals, and wood. The messages and graphics that are achieved are of high quality, at a minimum operating cost, and at high speeds.

Application News regularly provides a sample of products that are encoded and labeled with Macsa ID lasers, every day and worldwide.

The automotive industry is a sector where parts must have a marking that gives the part’s identification and has internal traceability to deal with any operational problem which in turn reduces any risk to consumers.

In today's Application News we mark the trim of the refueling tank. The substrate to be marked is Polyamide (PA), a plastic resistant to impacts, wear, and a wide variety of chemical agents. Due to the fact that this piece is exposed to high temperatures and corrosion during the production process, a permanent and high-contrast marking like the one provided by laser technology is sought.

With the D-5005 Green laser marker from Macsa id, in static, with a power of 5W and a 100X100mm lens, a high contrast white marking is achieved.

Technical data:

Laser: Macsa D-5005 Green

Power: 5 W

Lens: 100X10mm

Market: Automotive

Material: Polyamide

Product: Refuelling tank trim

Type of application: Marking

Marking type: Static

Marking time: 7.2 s

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