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Inks for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Kao Collins produces industrial inkjet inks that meet the strict quality and safety requirements for printing on primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products.


Our inks for marking and coding produce high-resolution results for reliable tracking in the supply chain. And our inks for primary package branding produce stunning colors for maximum appeal.

Marking and Coding for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies rely on Kao Collins’ industrial inkjet inks to print high-quality barcodes, expiration dates, and serialization to meet increasingly stringent safety and product traceability regulations.

Inks for Non-porous Packaging Substrates

Our Solvent-based thermal inkjet inks for HP and Funai systems deliver superior results for printing codes and tracking information on non-porous substrates.

Solvent Inks Print On These Common Substrates

  • Blister packaging foil

  • Glass vials

  • Plastic lamitube containers

  • Synthetic paper

  • Glossy paper board packaging.

Solvent Inks for Marking and Coding
SIGMA Solvent  Inks for HP – Engineered for HP 45si Specialty Printing Systems, our SIGMA solvent ink, with a 24-month shelf life, offers significant benefits over other solvent ink. It leads the industry with a 12-hour decap while offering fast, heatless drying. Sigma produces high-resolution printing on more difficult, non-porous substrates.

NEXXO Inks for Funai – Our NEXXO inkjet inks help pharmaceutical brands achieve serialization and high-resolution 2D coding at a unit level. These inks take full advantage of the increased throw distance from Funai’s TIJ cartridges, making the ink ideal for printing on curved surfaces.

DOWNLOAD: Inks and advantages for pharmaceutical packaging

Inks for Porous Packaging Substrates

Designed to meet the heightened regulatory demands of the pharmaceutical industry, Kao Collins produces bio-based mineral-oil-free and water-based inks for inkjet printing of pharmaceutical packaging.

Water-based Security Inks

Pharmaceutical companies now prioritize product security to defend against counterfeiting. Security inks provide an added line of defense on the packaging. Our high-quality water-based security inks also help companies meet regulatory and traceability requirements. These inks are often combined with our standard water-based inks.

For Printing These Common Packaging Materials

  • Paper substrates and label facestock

  • Corrugated boxes


Security Ink Options

  • Invisible UV

  • Invisible IR

  • Visible Fluorescent

  • Unique traceable taggant inks

Sorting Medicine

We provide brands and manufacturers with an extensive portfolio of industrial inkjet inks to maximize the product’s shelf appeal to capture customers’ attention while preserving the product’s integrity.

LUNAJET  – Our patented, eco-friendly, food-grade LUNAJET is a water-based pigmented ink with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). LUNAJET is ideal for printing on flexible packaging, blister packaging, glass, and thin films.

QUANTA EB-Curable Ink – Our electron-beam curable ink offers low-migration risk and eliminates concerns about photoinitiators and heat from curing lamps. These CMYK inks for Piezo printing systems release no odors, making it the best choice to print on blister packaging, strip packaging, or bubble packs.

TESLA LED-Curable Ink – Suitable for pharmaceutical packaging applications, our LED-curable inks produce high-quality results without the risk of substrates being compromised by heat-producing mercury lamps. Our LED inks incorporate the highest quality photoinitiators and monomers for superior durability on glass vials, bottles, ampoules, and pressure-sensitive labels.

ULTRA UV-Curable Ink – Our UV-curable ink addresses many packaging application requirements, including instant curing, high print quality, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and excellent adhesion and scratch resistance. These inks offer versatility for glass, plastic, and flexible substrates used for pharmaceutical packaging.

Marking and Coding Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical brands and packaging companies must quickly respond to the latest regulatory changes and supply chain demands. Kao Collins produces a variety of inks for printing secondary packaging.

Water-based Inks – Kao Collins produces various water-based dye and pigment ink formulations for printing on mass-produced box packaging.

MOF Inks – Our bio-based mineral-oil-free inks offer an eco-friendly alternative for marking and coding porous paper and cardboard secondary packaging. These eco-conscious inks meet global compliance requirements for increasingly stringent environmental and consumer safety regulations.

Oil-based Inks – For secondary pharmaceutical packaging applications, our low-maintenance oil-based inks offer flexibility and consistency on porous substrates such as corrugated boxes, shipping cartons, and cases.

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