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Did you know that you can now meet rigorous regulations with ease?

HP 2580 and HP 2590 Solvent Inks are GMP compliant and ideal for printing text and bar codes on many challenging substrates, including flexible films and foils used in food and pharma applications.

HP 2590 Black Solvent Smart Card Print Cartridge

Fast-dry ink.

  • Outstanding durability on BOPP

  • Excellent durability on a wide range of substrates including films

  • Fast dry time of 3-5 seconds

  • Long decap time (24 hours) – Ideal for intermittent printing

HP 2580 Black Solvent Smart Card Print Cartridge

High-resolution printing for non-porous substrates.

  • Consistent, high-resolution text 2D and QR codes

  • Excellent durability

  • Fast dry time and long decap time (24 hours)

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