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Auto High Speed Horizontal Shrink Sleeve

Auto High Speed Horizontal Shrink Sleeve Applicator 

Auto High-Speed Horizontal Shrink Sleeve Applicator (HHS Series)

  • Specially designed for the small product in a tube shape

  • 120 bottles per minute, Incredibly high speed!

  • Sleeving is precise and stable even in high-speed motion

  • All stainless steel


1. Specially designed for small products in a tube shape, suitable for cap, body, and overall packaging.
2. Incredibly linear high speed: 120 bottles per minute, the highest speed among Taiwan suppliers.
3. Sleeving is precise and stable even in super high-speed motion.
4. A simple and elegant design of machine structure minimizes the possibility of trouble and makes maintenance convenient.
5. The whole machine body is made of SUS304, elegant in appearance, compact in construction, solid, and durable in use.
6. Equipped with semi-auto feeding hopper as an option for high-speed production.
7. Equipped with HMI, providing easy operation.
8. Work with a horizontal electric tunnel for perfect packaging.

horizontal shrink sleeve applicator tabl
Horizontal Shrink Sleeve Applicator | Speed 120 BPM
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