Flexible and linear guide for all types of containers

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Flexible and linear guide for all types of containers, full or empty, made of any type of material and shaped on the conveyor to position each bottle independently. The Flexiturn linear orientator is able to orient each container independently in the necessary degrees

The system detects the entry position of the container and guides it without causing falls or damage.


The input orientation is detected by inspection of:

  • Mechanical shapes

  • Engravings, textures, graphics, handles, etc.

Orientation detection techniques:

  • Ultrasound, laser, photocells, infrared, inductive

  • Smart cameras (no PC required)

  • 1.3 mega pixel CCD B / W cameras (with PC)


Servo-motors Rockwell o Siemens


  • Compact and linear system

  • Flexible multiformat system

  • Quick and convenient format change

  • Compatible with all types of formats

  • Robust, with floodgates and safety covers

  • Intuitive computer system and interface based on Windows 10

  • Remote control via internet and remote diagnosis


  • Unstable, light, and/or empty bottles:

  • Installation of a section of the belt with suction

  • Separator mechanism of incoming bottles:

  • Due to the nature of the system, it is necessary to ensure that the bottles reach the turning point with a minimum step. Only in this way can the bottles be turned one by one as appropriate


  • Flexiturn Twinpack

What Guides FLEXITURN?

FlexiTurn E2M.jpg