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Leading manufacturer of household products relies on the security of induction heat sealing as a quality packaging solution

KIK Custom Products, a manufacturer of private label household products, uses induction cap sealing as a reliable sealing solution for one of its principal products. Since the addition of induction sealing technology to its production line, the company has praised the benefits obtained by the use of its Enercon equipment.

KIK Custom Products, a manufacturer of household products, uses induction cap sealing to provide leak protection and added safety to its containers.

From household cleaners to personal care items, KIK manufactures a wide range of products with various sealing requirements.

The company first started using Enercon Industries’ induction heat sealing equipment in 2009 to apply hermetic seals to bleach containers.

Induction cap sealing is an effective sealing solution for KIK, due to the chemical and corrosive nature of its bleach, which must be securely sealed into containers to prevent leaks and contamination.

Speaking about the company’s induction sealing equipment, Mario Ottati, Director of Engineering at KIK said: “The most immediate difference I noticed was in terms of maintenance – there was practically none!

“With our other vendors, we had to either replace a sealing head or a power supply every six months."

“Operation costs have gone down considerably due to the increased uptime of our Enercon machines – they never fail.”

As well as the induction sealers’ ability to provide strong hermetic seals, Enercon’s renowned customer service matched the requirements of the manufacturer’s fast-paced production.

“One time, I had an emergency and needed an induction sealer as soon as possible,” said Mr Ottati “I called Enercon, and within a day and half, it arrived at our facility – Enercon puts their customer’s needs above their own.

“Since using this equipment, I have not purchased from another brand of induction sealers – Enercon is our preferred vendor”, he added.

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