macsa laser marking solutions


INDUSTRIAL DPSS LASER. High quality marking for plastics and delicate substrates.


A family of industrial DPSS lasers.
D DUO lasers are designed for industrial laser marking applications. Alternatively, D-Duo lasers can be installed in workstations for standalone applications.
They are fast and powerful lasers designed for marking delicate substrates and for coating ablation. High contrast marks can be achieved with no thermal damage to the substrate.

Dual processor architecture for fast cycle times even with variable data and are compatible with the iLaserBox range of workstations.


Fast and powerful

  • Fast and powerful lasers to mark a wide range of plastics and metals.

  • Easy to install and integrate.ast and powerful.

Meet the needs of your line

  • Different powers for every need.

  • Highly recommended for precision work such as coding electronic material, medical instruments or jewelry.


Versatile and easy to integrate

  • It can be installed and integrated easily in any production line.

  • There are available different powers to meet the needs of any industry at an affordable price.