Extraction systems for the
printing industry

Extraction systems for the printing industry

Printing inks, lacquers, adhesives, and cleaning solvents can impact health, so it’s critical to ensure that vapors and mists are not inhaled and that chemicals do not come into contact with skin.

BOFA’s PrintPRO technology captures and removes MEK, ketones, and ozone from UV applications and is purposed designed for wide format printing, inkjet coding printers (CIJ) (both solvent and UV), dye sublimation and mailroom applications such as UV coating, hot melt glue binding, and poly wrapping – known to generate particulate and gaseous organic compounds.

10 systems that suit your requirements

PrintPRO Universal

The PrintPRO Universal is a compact unit with a large gas filter.

PrintPRO 1500 iQ

The ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.

PrintPRO Oracle DS

The PrintPRO Oracle DS is our mid to high-end fume extraction and filtration system.

PrintPRO 1200 DS

The PrintPRO 1200 DS is an extraction and filtration unit purposely designed for dye-sublimation printers.

PrintPRO 500 iQ

The PrintPRO 500 iQ mid to high-end extraction system combines extremely large filter capacity with high airflow and pressure rates.

PrintPRO 2000 iQ

The PrintPRO 2000 iQ fume extraction unit packs a heavyweight punch with the unsurpassed filter capacity of two DeepPleat DUOs and high performance for the printing industry.

PrintPRO 400 DS

The PrintPRO 400 DS is our mid to high-end fume extraction and filtration system.

PrintPRO 1000 iQ

The ideal choice for heavy duty applications generating large amounts of particulate.

PrintPRO 4000

High airflow fume extraction and filtration system for the print and print finishing industries.

PrintPRO 800 DS

The PrintPRO 800 DS builds on the quality and design of the PrintPRO 400 DS to give higher airflows and pressure.
Typical applications
  • Dye sublimation

  • Continuous inkjet (CIJ)

  • UV printing

  • Flexographic printing
  • UV coating

  • Wide format printing


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